Cory Peeke: On the Tip of My Tongue

with Evan Clayton Horback, Lita Kenyon and Melinda Tidwell

February 7 – March 2, 2019

Opening Reception Feb. 7, 5:30-7:00 PM


That something that you feel that you know, but somehow can’t quite articulate. You can see it, the pieces come together but they form only a suggestion. A suggestion that engages, troubles and even delights the mind and eye. A puzzle of relationships. Deceptive in their spare simplicity, these works are evidence of lives lived and connections, however ephemeral, made. They contain very little and yet everything necessary. They are like a memory, a trace of something past. An intangible, fleeting connection to something greater than ourselves – something we can’t quite name.

“On the Tip of My Tongue” is an exhibition of new work by Cory Peeke which also features a small, representative sampling of work by Evan Clayton Horback, Lita Kenyon and Melinda Tidwell. Cory has selected these works in order to survey the connection between the familiar and the undefined as well as illuminate the allure of the unassuming.