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The Art of the Gift

Through Dec. 31, 2021

This shopping/browsing experience has become a tradition for many in the region, and we’re proud to work with so many talented artists and craftspeople to bring you such beautiful, intriguing, and just plain cool work. We extend our deep appreciation to CHI/St. Anthony Hospital for partnering with us on this event for many years, allowing us to help artists with shipping costs and other expenses.

Linda Cromer

in the Lorenzen Gallery

We’re delighted to be showing watercolor still life paintings by Linda Cromer.

Linda grew up in the Midwest dreaming of becoming an artist and living in Greenwich Village. After graduating from Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), Linda moved west to Arizona, traveling through Mexico and Central America. She returned to New York and eventually to Greenwich Village fulfilling the childhood dream. She has been painting her beautiful still life and floral watercolors, while exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally.

“I started painting at my mother’s knee, sitting on the floor dabbing at old canvas boards with her old worn brushes. It was great fun then and still is, though my materials have improved. Watercolor has virtues; the clarity of color being primary one, and to my mind, that is the whole point of painting- it’s all about color and the pleasure of the act of painting.”

Linda B. Cromer, 2021

Linda’s work was featured in the Spring 2005 issue of American Artist Watercolor magazine.