Maker2Market program helps teens gain skills and expertise in taking the things they make to new heights. We’ll help with concept and design, making, packaging, and how to work with commercial spaces to sell your work. You’ll get one-on-one mentoring and a space to work on your own schedule. Apply here!

Maker2Market is supported by the Glen and Jean McKenzie Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation.


A place for teens to build skills in making, marketing, and selling finely crafted works.
  • What grade will you be entering in the fall?
  • What's the communication format you respond to best?
  • Select both days and times that work best for you. We're flexible, so schedules can change when needed, but this will help us get started.
  • Are there any skills you already have that you'd like to build on? Tell us about them.
  • What skills are you hoping to learn?
  • Have you seen anything on social media or print lately that made you think "that's cool, I want to make something like THAT!" Enter links to Instagram, Pinterest, website or whatever HERE.
  • Do you have any disabilities that we can accommodate with special tools, workspace adaptions, or something else?
  • By signing below I give my permission for this student to participate in the PCA Maker2Market program. I understand that my student will be working independently during some of this time.