Read about Hiroko in the Nov/Dec. 2020 issue of 1859 Magazine HERE.  See original watercolor paintings, reproductions, and notecards available for sale below.

Framed Original Watercolors

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Great Horned Owl in snag with wings flared and a mouse in her mouth.

Great Horned Owl, 2014, original watercolor painting by Hiroko Cannon
Framed in low-profile black wood frame with plexiglass, frame dimensions 39.25″ x 32.25″
$4000. Pick Up only.



Watercolor painting in brown, gray and black tones of a sage brush with no greenery

Portrait of Sage III, 2016. Original Watercolor by Hiroko Cannon.
One of the best things about this piece is searching for the Horned Larks that are hiding within.
Framed in a low-profile black wood frame. Frame dimensions 31.75″ x 41.5″
Pick Up Only.
(NOTE: This piece was photographed in the frame, so you’re seeing some reflection from our gallery lights.)


Three Robins eating berries while perched in an Oregon Grape bush.

Oregon Grape and American Robins, 2020. Original Watercolor painting by Hiroko Cannon.
Framed in a low-profile black wood frame with Plexiglas. Frame dimensions 28.5″ x 19″
$950. Shipping quote on request.

Portrait of Sage with Shrike, 2016. Original Watercolor by Hiroko Cannon.
Framed in a low-profile black wood frame with Plexiglas. Frame dimensions 42.75″ x 71.5″
NOTE: We had to photograph these at PCA in the frames…sorry for the reflections, one of which on the left is from an eagle sculpture in our gallery, not part of the painting. :/
Pick Up Only.




Hiroko’s high-resolution reproductions are printed with archival ink on cotton rag paper. She works with a technician who is a master at scanning original work, and these pieces are virtually indistinguishable from the original works.

Great Blue Heron standing on a piece of driftwood in water.

Great Blue Heron on Driftwood, 2006. Reproduction 18″ x 24″ edition of 30.

A Great Blue heron in profile from the neck up, standing among slender reeds.

Great Blue Heron (top), 2006. Unframed Reproduction, 18″ x 24″ Signed in pencil.
$60. Contact us for a shipping quote.





All blank inside. Select an image to purchase. Each notecard is $7.50 with free shipping.


Three Robins eating Oregon Grapes in a bush.

A large family of quail in sagebrush




A male and female pheasant in a field of reeds