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Nine Wildland Firefighters on a ridgeline

Untitled #1 Gabby Casper

Butterfly on soot-covered hand

Untitled 2, Gabby Casper

4 Wildland Firefighers on ridgeline

Untitled 3, Gabby Casper

Ropes across a landscape

Untitled 1, Guy Hakanson

Firefighter seated on ground with pack

Break in AK, Jordin Schramm

Seated woman with pack twice her size

Heavy Packout, Jordin Schramm

Sun through the trees with smoke

After the Flames, Micah Olivera

View of tree tops out of helicopter with rappellers decending

Operational Rappel with Micah Olivera, Adam Wunsch

Firefighter hiking with large pack

Heavy Packs Sore Backs, Gabby Casper

Men on tall mountain peak with smoke

Untitled 5, Gabby Casper

Close up of man in yellow firefighter shirt with chainsaw over shoulder

Untitled 4, Gabby Casper

Tree with bare limbs on fire

Untitled 6, Gabby Casper

Sun streaming through forest highlighted by smoke

Untitled 7, Gabby Casper

Black and white image of sun streaming through forest trees with smoke

Untitled 2, Guy Hakanson

Wildland firefighter cutting a huge downed tree with a chainsaw

Hammers in the Bull of the Woods, Micah Olivera

Wildland firefighter cutting smoking, smoldering downed tree

Helicopter against blue sky with ropes hanging down

Glazin’ Braids on the Clearwater Nez Perce, Micah Olivera

Smoke billowing from timber into blue sky

Timber Burn, Jordin Schramm

Men on tall peak overlooking valley

Down Drainage, Jordin Schramm

Sun streaming through trees in forest

Untitled 3, Guy Hakanson

Tree roots burning in soil, red against black background

Untitled 2, Micah Olivera

Forest fully engulfed in flames

Untitled 1, Micah Olivera

Man on mountain top in front of deep blue lake

Summit Lake, Micah Olivera

Fire in wooded area as seen from helicopter with one blade in the frame

Short Final Redding, California, Micah Olivera

Super hot flame ball on forest floor

Hot Summer, Micah Olivera

Wildland firefighter torching a field

Hells Canyon Type 4, Micah Olivera

Helicopter and man silhouetted against sky at dusk with lunar eclipse above

Eclipse, Tulley Bloom