We talk to a lot of people at the Pendleton Center for the Arts. All of them appreciate art and culture, but many of them feel disconnected from art making. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “I can only draw stick figures,” we’d be rolling in the dough. Artists create amazing things, but you know what? Even if you can’t draw, YOUR pen is  mighty. When you write a check to support our work here at PCA, it allows us to do all that boring work that supports the exciting stuff. YOU create our vibrant arts community. YOU make it possible when you write a check.

This year your donations supported 17 art exhibits in the East Oregonian Gallery and Lorenzen Board Room Gallery, 11 readings by acclaimed Northwest writers, 9 live music events, including two recitals by amazing young pianists, more than 250 FREE art and music classes, and countless encounters with art and art-making. We hope you’ll help to create another year of outstanding programming and events. THANK YOU!


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