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Through this series we bring a wide variety of musicians and performers to an intimate space. Named for the elegant Great Blue Herons living on the Umatilla River, this series will surprise you with everything from alt-country to bluegrass to jazz and everything in between.



My Heart is an Idiot

Sunday, October 28, 2012, 7 pm


This fall, road warriors Davy and Peter Rothbart are hurtling your way on FOUND Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tour, which celebrates the release of Davy’s book of personal essays, My Heart is an Idiot, Peter’s new album, and a brand-new issue of FOUND. The Rothbart Brothers are hopping back in the tour van, FOUND treasures in tow, for an epic cross-country romp, with stops in 37 states and 75 cities, and Pendleton Center for the Arts is one of them!


At this exhilarating show, Davy (FOUND’s plucky point guard) will share the latest magnificent and mesmerizing finds that’ve landed in the mailbox here at FOUND HQ, plus outrageous tales from his new book, while Peter (FOUND’s international heartthrob) will dazzle with beautiful, haunting, and hilarious songs based on FOUND notes.



Davy and Peter collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, receipts, doodles-- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life.


Check out their website at Found Magazine.

Round-Up Favorites - Cabbage Hill!

Thursday AND Friday, Sept. 13 & 14, 2012


World-class bluegrass has been a long standing tradition at the Arts Center during Round-Up. Pendleton is home to some of the country’s finest national old-time fiddle champions and other versatile musicians who bring both the spirit and the high bar for excellent musicianship that bluegrass embodies to the stage.




West My Friend

They’re coming back!

Mon. November 24, 2014

Details coming soon


This group’s songs are created through a collaborative process: well-crafted and clever lyrics, acrobatic mandolin riffs, flawless bass lines, and richly textured accordion combine as every member brings forward their own ideas and experiences. The wealth of musical experience and classical training in the group creates an interesting backdrop for their songwriting, allowing for levels of detail, intricacy, and counterpoint balanced with moments of simplicity. This sonically adventurous approach to music defines West My Friend as a key part of a growing movement of the new generation of grass-roots folk music taking place in Victoria, Vancouver and across British Columbia.


Thurs., Aug. 22, 2013

Seffarine is a duo formed by Moroccan singer Lamiae Naki and oud player/flamenco guitarist Nat Hulskamp. Their repertoire varies from classical Arabic and Andalusian music to original compositions influenced by the music of widely varying cultures, such as Spanish flamenco, classical Persian music, and American jazz. Seffarine takes its name from the ancient metalworking square in Lamiae's home city of Fes, Morocco. Listen to clips of their music here.

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Rebecca Lomnicky - David Brewer - Peter Willis

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Just back from living in Scotland, duo performers Rebecca Lomnicky (International Fiddle Champion) & David Brewer (of the popular Celtic band Molly’s Revenge) will be performing captivating music which bridges the gap between the fiddle & bagpipe music of Scotland —two worlds united. Each have spent copious amounts of time delving into the traditions of their respective instruments, living and studying in the highlands of Scotland, and have forged their music in the spirit of merging these two similar but very different worlds to create a new seamless sound  which is both kinetic, and full of passion. They will be augmented into a trio by master guitar accompanist, Peter Willis.

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More great past performances here.

Past performance highlights ….

Yep, we did it. We got the Portland Cello Project to book a show in the up close and personal space of the Arts Center's Pearson Auditorium. These amazing and amazingly versatile musicians have received acclaim from a diverse bunch of reviewers, from Spin Magazine to the New York Times to National Public Radio - everyone agrees, they are fabulous.



The Portland Cello Project

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Tom Catmull’s Radio Static is an exercise in musical evolution.  That’s a little vague and mysterious, we know.  At the show, the sound you will hear is that of a veteran singer/songwriter amplified, elevated and occasionally made more sinister, by the creative musical syndicate of John Sporman and Travis Yost.  Over the past year, this band has continued to round a stylistic corner, regularly trading in it’s previous Americana-inspired inclinations for the seductive impulse of a sleeker, occasionally sordid, American pop sound. 


     This past January, Radio Static was featured on the Montana PBS  show “11th and Grant” in a stripped down acoustic showcasing of Catmull’s most recent solo acoustic release WORDS AND MALADY. With an extremely loyal following, both Tom and his band have been voted “Best Musician” and “Best Band” in the Missoula Independent’s  Annual “Best Of” issue for eight of the last nine years. 


     Long story short? This band has, once again, found itself in the arc of transition. And that is most certainly by design.  New songs.  New sounds.  Don’t miss it!

TOM CATMULL’S RADIO STATIC - Friday, July 18th - 7 pm

Eleni Mandell plays to a sell-out crowds everywhere she goes. This singer/songwriter was picked "Artist of the year" in the "best of L.A." issue of LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE a couple years ago and a feature article in The Times of London said, “..she has a voice that should be heard by millions.” Her cool cover of Cole Porter’s song “I Love Paris” provided the background music for the controversial Carl’s Jr. television commercials featuring Paris Hilton. The list goes on an on. She was even featured as a clue in the Jan. 26 NY Times Crossword puzzle, The clue: "Singer/songwriter _____ Mandell", The answer: "Eleni".


She’ll be covering some of the great classic country songs as well as presenting some of her own original hits.


Tickets $10 for either night. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00 pm


2 Big Nights! - September 11 & 12 - 7 pm

Eleni Mandell

Back by popular demand - Sunday, August 10 - 7 pm

Rebecca Lomnicky, David Brewer, Peter Willis

This amazing trio set a record for attendance here at the Arts Center (It’s amazing how many people will stand to hear truly great music), and we expect tickets to go quickly this time too, so reserve your seats early!


Rebecca Lemnicky is the only non-Scottish born musician to win the Scottish National Fiddle Championship - something she did at the age of 16. And her playing has only gotten better since. Peter Willis and David Brewer are fantastic on their own, but together, this trio provides a peak music experience.