The First Draft Writers’ Series brings authors and poets of note to the Pendleton stage to share new work. On the third Thursday of each month people who love the written word gather at the PCA’s Pearson Auditorium to hear our featured authors as well as three to five minute open mic readings by local emerging writers.


“Truly, [First Draft] was one of the best adventures of my writing career, right up there with winning the PNBA awards and being interviewed by Studs Turkel.”   - Craig Lesley



The First Draft Writers' Series is focused on encouraging discussion around issues within the community, the region and beyond. Notices about upcoming featured readers will be accompanied by a question or theme the audience and our Open Mic readers are asked to consider. Themes will be inspired by the featured writers' work. Past featured writers have tackled a wide range of issues, including domestic violence, preservation of natural resources, poverty, and gardening. 

Look for themes or questions here and our social media posts. 







This month’s featured writers:

Past featured writers:




February            Ruby Hansen Murray

April                    Kirsten Rian



January               Open Mic Showcase

February            Scot Siegel and Kristen Berger

March                 Pamela Royes

April                    Tiffany Midge and Xavier Cavazos

May                    George Venn

June                   Joe Wilkins

July                    Joel Wayne

August                Amy MacLennan and Amy Miller

September         Round Up Break

October               Ki Russell and Matt Schumacher (Phantom Drift)

November          Penelope Scambly Schott




See you at 7 pm on Thurs., Aug 17.
First Draft is always FREE!


Left: Molly Gloss at the inaugural meeting of FDWS. Above: Ursula K. LeGuin and Richard Dorband discuss the writing life.

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PLUS: Our world-famous Open Mic!




Listen to Bette Husted and Lynn Robertson talk about First Draft on the KUMA Coffee Hour.

(Skip to 12:30)

The event is free to the public thanks to generous support from Oregon Cultural Trust and the Kinsman Foundation as well as from local sponsors and regional foundations.

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