Meet Our Instructors

Teri Atkins has worked with young artists for many years, exploring whatever medium catches her curiosity, including drawing, collage, clay and mixed media.

Arlen Clark is a self-taught painter producing works for nearly 40 years. His fantastic portraits have been displayed in a featured exhibit in the East Oregonian Gallery. He uses bright colors, exaggeration, distortion and imagination to express his ideas.

Erica Edwards is a native of California and a lover of Oregon. She enjoys teaching classes, reading and all things art.

Katie Hall is a lifelong crafter and self-taught macramé artist. She loved working with a variety of different fibers and creating her own materials through using natural dyes. You can follow her on Instagram @emFiberCraft.

Celia Hampton is currently teaching third graders in Pilot Rock. She learned stained glass from Chuck McCullough at PCA and has been passing on her knowledge and enthusiasm to students ever since.

Charlie Herrington is semi-retired and working at the Pendleton Music Company. His enthusiasm for music led him to the PCA, where he’s brought his 25 years of experience to share with our beginner adult guitar groups. He’s a big fan of improvisational music.

J.J. Hill has worked off-Broadway in New York and did stand-up comedy all over the country for 8 years. Previous to his career in acting, J.J. received his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Eastern Oregon University. In his spare time, he can sometimes be found performing music around town and onstage in College Community Theater productions.

Kim La Plant was born and raised in the Ozarks of Arkansas. She came to Oregon in 1993 and is a lover, gardener, wife, mother, artist and creator. She uses a wide variety of mediums, but water color is her favorite. She loves Oregon, art, and bringing joy to those around her.

Roberta Lavadour has always been a lover of art and books. When she’s not busy at the Arts Center, Roberta makes artist’s books and bindings that are widely exhibited and collected by museums and university libraries. You can view her work at

Nikii Murtaugh learned to knit as a teenager in Michigan and has been doing it for the last 50 years. At this point , she’s a well-known resource amongst her friends and beyond, helping with individual questions and testing knitting patterns for designers across the country.

David Orr is a recent transplant to Pendleton who’s specialized in the soothing sounds of guitar for upwards of 50 years. He has found music to be a creative outlet as well as an excellent way to communicate, sooth, and express. He is also known as a guru for stress management. In this day and age of hyper-busyness and multi-tasking, David enjoys being an ambassador for relaxation.

Denise Henkle Owen is a farmwife and lifelong pianist/accompanist/vocalist who loves all things in the arts. Denise is a Zentangle CZT who has shared Zentangle with youth, teens and adults. Her other interests include photography, graphic arts and digital art and of course, music. View her photography at and view Denise’s Zentangle Classes page on Facebook.

Kate Peck has worked in the Early Childhood Education field in some form or another for the past 22 years. She currently shares her time teaching classes and working here at the Arts Center as the Education & Outreach Assistant and coordinating various community events that advocate strong and healthy youth and families.

Marie Pratuch learned pottery from Michael Booth at BMCC and is now ready to share her talents with others. Follow Marie’s work on her Instagram page ThistleDewNicelyCeramics.

Brian Purnell has been working with young artists for more than 30 years in schools and alternative education programs. He’s interested in what happens when you stop worrying about what something’s going to look like and simply explore the process of Making.

Chantell Reid is a creative minded soul, residing in NE Oregon. Each piece of art she creates comes from within, ensuring the individual uniqueness. You can often find her exploring different creative avenues, including needle felting, macrame, photography and crocheting. 

Melissa Weston is a self-taught artist specializing in repurposing furniture & wood, as well as creating a wide range of décor, paintings, and pieces of art that are sure to impress. A mother, wife, and friend, Melissa is excited to start her journey at the PCA.